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2.0L Pinto gasket set

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Part Number: 174-01
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This kit contains all of the gaskets required for a complete Ford SOHC "Pinto" 2.0L engine. Kit contents:

Qty.Part #Description
1174-03Head Gasket
1174-05Valve Cover Gasket (later, "wide" style)
1174-06Water Outlet Gasket
1174-07Water Pump Gasket
1174-08Oil Pan Set
1174-09Intake Manifold Gasket
1174-101 Pc Exhaust Manifold Gasket
1174-11Front Cover Gasket
3174-20Cam / Aux Shaft / Front Crank Seals (3 seals)
1174-22Valve Stem Seal Set (8 seals)
1164-21Rear Crank Seal
1171-57-SealThermostat Seal
1178-07Distributor O-Ring

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