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94 F2000 Van Diemen

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Your Price: $15,900.00
Part Number: 94f2
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1994 Van Diemen F2000 chassis complete with rebuilt engine and extensive spares package.  This car was used for 2 seasons and then put in storage so its immaculate condition. Bodywork is great shape. this car will need nothing and its probably the nicest car in the country because of the little track time the car was used.  The owner was the late Don Burgoon,  owner of performance Friction brakes, he was killed in a car accident 2 years ago and this car has been in climate controlled storage for 25 years.  Engine was rebuilt and never used, chassis was painted red to match Performance friction colors. Its a real gem.  Includes Complete spares package all new, OEM parts,  scale pads,Hi tech exhaust.

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