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Aim optic lap receiver

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Part Number: Aim-001-plr
Availability: In Stock.
This is the same transmitter included with all AiM MyChron3 and MXL dash kits. Use with a MyChron Optic Receiver,  for quick, reliable lap times displayed on your AiM MyChron or MXL dash instantly.

This transmitter should be positioned at the start/finish line for recording overall lap times. MXL, EVO, positioned at other points around the track for segment times.

This transmitter can run in "low power" mode (for tracks up to 30 feet wide) on 8 AA batteries. It also includes an external wiring harness for use with a larger external 12-volt battery such as our 12 Volt 7.5 AH Battery . An external battery allows "high power" mode (for tracks up to 60 feet wide).

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