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 Set-Up RF-92 / 1600:
This is for Goodyear at the time,but should be a good starting point for the Hoosier as well.
Keep in mind that the front damper rebound is a fairly crucial tool when tuning.
The mono lever springs,and there pre-load controls roll,the ride is the spring and damper,and how it releases from load has a lot to do with where the weight goes on power.
Also I used Penskes, and Bilstien, and actually set the car with a Bilstien that was a 375/110.The 375 is the rebound Lbs on a Billy.So as you can see it is quite high,this is important.
Also of note I used a Penske bump rubber,in full,and also ran enough pre-load on the perch to elimenate the droop.This arrangement as you can see requires good reb to control things up front. Sounds a bit complex but once it was right I never touch the frt again the rest of the year other than some small rebound sweeps on the damper.
Weight on the scales no driver: 20 PSI tires
180 front>
290 rear>
Toe                  >  1mm out per / 1mm in
Shuttle Spring   >  1200lbs .5 TPL
Frt Spring         >  350x4 PL spring to remove droop
Rear Spring      >   600x4 .5 PL
NOTE: the above springs are based on the dampers and what is there layout,which is unknown, so have some soft rear springs ready
Rear ARB          >  ARB 7/16 fork FS
CamberFrt        >  1.0 neg
Camber Rear    >   1.0 neg
Castor Frt         >  4.5 neg
RH 34mm under bulkhead
RH 40mm next to adaptor housing
Since you have Ohlins should get a soft bump rubber and some shims if possible for the ohlins.

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