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GKN Tripod Joint- fits Van Diemen 94 thru-current, Citation ,FE

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Using the vast experience GKN has gained developing and manufacturing tripod applications for OEM customers around the world, GKN MotorSport can offer a wide range of tripod journals and bespoke tripod housings to suit almost every situation.

Tripod joints offer extremely low plunging forces and greater efficiency while operating at higher angle

Over 30 years of continuous development of GKN Driveline products, GKN Motorsport plunging CV joints offer significant weight reduction, cooler running temperatures and enhanced joint life and performance. Plunging joints are most often used as the inboard joint (transmission side) on FWD vehicles and on the inboard and outboard of RWD and AWD applications with independent suspension.

GKN is the world's leading supplier of automotive driveline components and systems. This enables GKN Motorsport to offer an unsurpassed range of standard, lightened and easy motion constant velocity joints able to cope with the most demanding applications.

Housings can be produced from forgings or from solid material and can be designed to utilise a Löbro style bolt pattern making CV to tripod switch simple, or alternatively a “plug in” variant

The tripod grease-PRP#(f3d0020) is optimised for tripod lubrication. It has high scuffing resistance but does not contain any solid additives (which can reduce life by jamming the needle bearings).

The GKN MotorSport ball joint grease with its ultra high load carrying capacity and optimised viscosity is suitable for all fixed and plunging CV joints.

Advantages of greases especially developed for use with GKN CV and tripod joints:

  • help reduce power losses
  • increase durability
  • offering low friction and wear properties
  • wide thermal operating range

The correct type and size of boot is a vital part of the driveline assembly. GKN MotorSport boots are maximised for performance and durability. Please contact our MotorSport team for more information on boots for fixed joints and boots utilising other

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