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LithiumPro C680 Lithium battery and Charger- used but like new condition

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On sale: $729.00 $405.00
Part Number: PC- LPPC680
Availability: In Stock.
Brand:Lithium Pros

Manufacturer's Part Number:C680

Part Type:Batteries

Product Line:Lithium Products C680 Lithium Powerpack Batteries                     

UPC: 692209015697

Battery Usage: Deep cycle/Starting

Volts: 12.8 V

Battery Terminals: Top

Battery Type: Lithium

Reserve Capacity: 26 minutes

Length (in): 7.170 in.

Width (in): 3.030 in.

Height (in): 6.610 in.

Weight: 4.000 lbs.

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: The PHCA rating is 680. Designed for engines up to a 5.0 liter. For maximum battery life, a true lithium ion battery charger is highly recommended. True lithium ion battery chargers have special algorithms to handle lithium ion batteries. They typically charge the battery differently when it is deeply discharged, rapid charge the battery when possible, and stop charging when the battery is full to prevent over-charge.                              

Lithium Products C680 Lithium Powerpack batteries feature fast cell balancing for safety, long life, and maximum capacity. They are fully alternator-compatible and weigh only 5.5 lbs. The performance versus the cost of these unique batteries makes them a great value in lightweight racing batteries for street, road course, asphalt Circle Track, and dirt track use with alternators. These 12 V Lithium-Ion batteries have 26 minutes of reserve and a total capacity of 11Ah. They can deliver 800A max, have a PHCA of 680, and 125A continuously--more than enough to start engines up to 5.0L and supplement the alternator's output.

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