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Motul MoCOOL Coolant Additive (1/2 Liter) - 102222

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Product Details

Help your cooling system perform better

This non-glycol based coolant additive is intended for use in racing applications where a glycol based product cannot be used. Engines will typically run up to 30°F (15°C) cooler than normal as this additive improves heat exchange and engine cooling efficiency. Can be used in straight water or anti-freeze/water systems.

Approved in the following racing series:

Color: Purple Density at 20°C/68°F: 1.058 PH: 9.4

For more information on this product, visit Motul's technical data sheet HERE.

About Motul

For over 160 years, Motul has been a leader in lubricants and had been importing to the US market since 1986. The company has always favored innovation, research and development, and today has become known for being a specialist in synthetic oils. You may find various Motul products available to include Racing Engine Oil, Engine lubricants, transmission lubricants, coolants, additives and greases. Motul always puts a focus on differentiating itself by excessive R&D, environmental commitment, and an unparralleled commitment to its employees, partners, and its brand.

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