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PRP aluminum cloth 41" x 24" W sold per foot- with adheasive back

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aluminum color heat cloth 20"w sold by the foot.

  1. Aluminized dual mirror cloth
  2. Aramid cloth backing
  3. High temperature pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)

Total thickness: less than 0.015” ; weight: 288g per square meter; 8.5oz per square yard  

                                    average seconds to 180' F            average seconds to 220'F         weight

aluminum cloth G288        14.7 seconds                           26.8 seconds                         288 grams/sq.meter

Gold Cloth                          11.1 seconds                          20.7 seconds                         230 grams /sq.meter

In order to get an apples-to-apples comparison between silver and the slightly-embossed “gold” material that is in nearly universal circulation in racing, the materials were tested as follows: tapes were applied to an aluminum panel (0.063” 3003H14). A calibrated source of constant heat (1000F) was fixed 2.38” from the protected panel. Heat was applied to the front (tape-protected) side and times to 180F (82.2C) and 220F (104.4C) were measured multiple times on the back side of the panel and averaged. Tests were run with room ambient temperatures of 80-85F in still air

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