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1.1"X 5/16-Self-Eject 1/4 Turn Stud Assembly- Dzus Fastener

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These are captive quarter-turn Dzus assemblies,   The flat-head 5/16" diameter stud is permanently assembled to a compact mounting plate. The stud is spring-loaded.  This self-ejecting prevents losing body panels.  It also make it easier to install big body panels. 

The plated stud assembly is designed to be riveted to a panel using two 1/8" diameter rivets .  the rated strength is 85 lb. in tension and 200 lb. in shear. Overall stud length: 1.1 inch.   (working) length: .91 inch. Head diameter 5/8".  spring receptacles are sold separately. 

Head Type: Slotted

Head Style: Flush

Undercut: No

Quarter Turn Fastener Diameter (in): 5/16” in.

Quarter Turn Fastener Grip Length (in): 0.400 in. – 0.650 in.

Material: Steel and Aluminum

Finish: Milled and Anodized Black

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