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16 Row S6 Setrab oil cooler M22 female ports

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From a size and performance standpoint, Mocal and Setrab oil coolers can be considered interchangeable. Both

brands utilize lightweight aluminum construction with internal "turbulators" in the oil-way for maximum efficiency.

Cooler sizes are industry standard in one of two core widths, 115mm (series 1) and 235mm (series 6); a wider

310mm (series 9) is available in some core heights in the Setrab brand. All cores are 2" thick. Notable differences

between coolers are: Mocal (silver finish with fixed fluid connections- made in England), Setrab (black finish with

22mm female fluid connections- made in Sweden).

Setrab "Pro Line" oil coolers feature

a versatile adaptor fitting system.

Select from a range of 22mm x -AN

unions or hose ends for direct

connection to socketless or stainless

braid -AN hose.

a) Union Adaptor -6 to -16an

b) Hose End Socketless -6 to -12an

c) Hose End Swivel -6 to -12an


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