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1.6L / 2.0L Water Pump Pulley, 44 Tooth, 0.62 Bore

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Part Number: 40-166-02-.62
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This pulley will fit current Formula Ford 1600 (Kent) and FF2000 / Sports 2000 (Pinto) mechanical water pumps. Some older pumps had 1/2 inch diameter shafts and require our .50 Bore Water Pump Pulley, Part No.40-166-02-.50.

The 44 tooth size is normally mated with our 30 Tooth 1.6L Crankshaft Pulley (Part No.40- 166-30) on the 1600 or the 38 Tooth 2.0L Crankshaft Pulley (Part No.40- 176-03) on the 2.0L. This results in a 1.47:1 underdrive ratio on the 1600 and 1.16:1 underdrive on the 2.0L engine.

This cast aluminum pulley measures approximately 2 3/4" diameter, with a deep setback to minimize the cantilevered load on the water pump bearings.

Crankshaft pulley and XL drive belt are sold separately:
FF1600 engines should use the FF1600 Crankshaft 30 Tooth Water Pump Pulley (Part No.40- 166-03) and the 180XL050 Water Pump Drive Belt (Part No. 40-166-01-180).
2.0L Pinto engines should use the 2.0L Crankshaft 38 Tooth Water Pump Pulley (Part No.40- 176-03) with the 190XL050 Water Pump Drive Belt (Part No. 40-166-01-190).

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