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1.6L Piston Ring Set - Standard

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Part Number: 40-161-20-STD
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These high-quality piston rings fit both the original Ford pistons and the SCCA-legal forged pistons (standard 3.188" / 81mm bore only) on the Formula Ford 1600 Kent "Uprated" engine.

Our rings are oversized to give you enough extra material to file the ring end gaps as tight as you like.* The oil rings in this set have standard tension for better sealing at the expense of a little friction. 

* These rings are oversized and must be gapped to fit your engine. We recommend filing these rings with our Piston Ring End Gap Filing Tool (Part No.40- 3136-101) for best results.

Note: These rings ONLY fit the standard 81mm bore (after filing to fit). If you have re-honed your cylinders to the SCCA-permitted 0.005" oversize (3.194"), you will need different rings to fit the 0.005" oversize pistons.

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