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5/16" Panel Spring Adjuster Pulls Both Direction's

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PANELfast Panel Spring Adjuster 7602

The hassle of adjusting panel fastener springs is over. No more adjusting with a screwdriver or gripping with a pair of pliers. PANELfast's Panel Spring Adjuster is the right tool for the job. The panel spring adjuster is quick and easy to use, light weight and durable. It pulls the spring evenly like a panel button fastener would so you do not create any kinks or breaks in the spring. With the ability of pushing or pulling the spring with an even amount of pressure and tension applied, the risk of weaken the spring or possibly breaking it are now over when you need to adjust it.

Spring Adjuster Material: Aluminum

Spring Adjuster Finish: Natural

Handle Material: Plastic

Handle Color: Black

Spring Adjuster Shaft Size (in.): .3125” or 5/16”

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