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6AN Male to 6AN Female Adapter with 1/8 NPT in Hex

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Part Number: 72-1069-06MF
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This special adapter has a male 6AN fitting (9/16-18, 37° flare) on one end, a female 6AN swivel fitting on the other, and a female 1/8 NPT port on the side of the hex. It is perfect for adding a pressure sending unit, pressure warning switch, or even a direct-mount fuel pressure gauge (not included) in a braided stainless 6AN hose.

The male-to-female configuration means that no cutting or additional adapters are required. Just install this adapter between your 6AN hose end and the male fitting. Sold individually. Anodizing color may vary.

Note: We do not recommend installing a temperature sender in this adapter. Temp senders stick out into the fluid flow, which can cause a restriction.

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