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AiM 5-pin 712-712 Male-Male CAN Cable for SmartyCam HD v1

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These CAN cables have male 5-pin 712 (screw-in) connectors at each end. They can be used to connect the AiM SmartyCam HD (version 1) to your AiM logger or SMC Bridge.

Note: Not compatible with the original SmartyCam (with the viewing screen on top) or the later SmartyCam HD "Rev 2". The version 1 can be identified by a 7/8" diameter lens with either a 67 or 87 degree field of view, and a viewfinder flush with the front of the housing. Later SmartyCam HD Rev 2 had a larger 1 3/8" OD lens marked as 60 or 120 degree field of view and a cover over the front viewfinder held on by 8 screws. The original SmartyCam and SmartyCam HD Rev 2 require a CAN cable with a 7-pin connector.

Although the connectors are correct, this cable cannot be used to connect the SmartyCam HD GP bullet camera to the base recording unit.

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