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AiM GPS08B Receiver for SmartyCam HD

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Part Number: AIM-591-2.0M
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The GPS08B Module connects to the AIM hd SMARTY CAM Video player to provide GPS data such as speed, position, acceleration, and lap timing. This information can be overlaid directly on the video image as it records -- no hassles trying to synch the data to the video afterwards!

The GPS08B is only used with the SmartyCam HD or SmartyCam GP HD. It will not connect to the original SmartyCam or to any other AiM data logger or dash.

The GPS08B is not needed if the SmartyCam HD is connected to an AiM logger with built-in GPS (SoloDL, EVO4, MXL2/MXG/MXS, MyChron5), or to a dash or logger with a GPS module already connected (MyChron4, MXL, or EVO3 with GPS or GPS05/GPS08).

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