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AiM KA 0-50 psi (2 bar) Pressure Sensor for Fluid or Air

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Part Number: Aim-MC346
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This 0-50 psi sensor is suitable for measuring coolant pressure, fuel pressure, or boost pressure.* It measures pressure only, relative to standardized atmospheric (also called "sealed gauge pressure", 0 psi on this sensor equals atmospheric pressure). This version is marked "0-50psiSG" to differentiate it from the "absolute pressure" sensor (marked "0-50psiA"), which can measure vacuum.

KA pressure sensors are more robust than the VDO-style pressure sensors, but all sensors should still be isolated from engine heat and vibration whenever possible. It is compatible with all AiM MyChron, MXL, EVO3, and EVO4 automotive applications. 1/8 NPT male threads.

This sensor has the 719 (four-pin plastic push-on type) connector. Use a My Chron 719-719 Patch Cable (Part No. MC-211) to connect to any AiM MXL series or MyChron3 Auto dash except XG-Log. EVO4 and XG-Log require a 712-719 Patch Cable (Part No. MC-210, sold separately). 

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