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Arai GP-6RC Auto Helmet FIA-8860

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The Arai GP-6RC is the pinnacle of technology and safety with an exquisite design that makes this helmet the benchmark of auto racing helmets worldwide.

The unique carbon fiber weave found in the GP-6RC provides a high strength and lightweight shell with remarkable flexibility. These factors have allowed Arai to set higher performance and safety standards that exceed those set by other industry leaders.

This extremely strong, flexible and light weight shell works in concert with Arai’s exclusive 1-piece multi-density interior EPS liner, providing Arai’s legendary fit and excellent impact energy management in an incredibly compact package.

The super light weight, strong and flexible shell is designed to work in unison with Arai's proprietary one piece multi-density EPS interior liner. This allows for that perfect "Arai Fit" and impact energy management in a compact shell.

We have to admit that the GP-6RC is truly an amazing piece of safety gear. 

Key Features:

- Large 10mm front and rear vents increase airflow throughout the helmet.

- Front vents are closeable for custom ventilation 

- New pivot hardware and track slider help to improve helmet aero.

- The wider GP-6 series shield and eyport help to increase peripheral vision.

- New shield lock latch allows a positive lock with normal shield operation.

- New flat seats for HANS posts on the helmet allow for factory installed HANS posts to sit flush on the side.

- Proprietary Carbon Fiber material and weave provide an extremely strong, yet flexible material, which helps impact energy management. 

- Arai's proprietary Carbon Fiber material and weave allow for an extremely lightweight shell that is strong and while flexible helping manage impact energy throughout the helmet.

- FIA8860-2010 & Snell SA2010 Certification


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