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Aurora rod end 1/4"bore x 1/4" lh thread- Prb-4T

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PRM-4T rod end 1/4"bore x 1/4" thread RH

The PR series are the highest quality Aurora rod ends available. The "P" denotes heavy duty gold finish and the "T" for Teflon.

Rod ends with external or male body threads. All are made with the solid, or one-piece race construction method and feature the advantages of metal-to-metal contact between bearing components. All balls are precision ground and heat treated. Threads are rolled to appropriate classifications. Series with PTFE lined raceways all feature Aurora’s proprietary AT 3200 liner system, fully qualified to AS81820 for smooth backlash-free fit.

The wide range of configurations of products offered by Aurora Bearing has resulted in Aurora products being a key component in race winning vehicles in all forms of motorsports. Stock car racers, both on dirt and pavement, sprint cars, drag cars, open wheel cars, both on speedways and road courses, endurance road racers, off road racers and rally cars are just a small selection of the styles of automobile racing where Aurora products deliver race winning performance. Beyond automobiles, motorcycles and sidecars, snowmobiles, boats, and aircraft racers win with Aurora. Whatever you race, if it uses rod ends or spherical bearings, you can count on Aurora.

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