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Bosch D3323 oil filter for Honda Fit Engine

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Part Number: 15-D3323
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  • Distance Plus Oil Filter
  • Features and Benefits

  • Works with any synthetic, semi-synthetic or conventional oil brand
  • 99% efficient in removing dirt
  • Holds 300% more dirt capacity
  • 2X's greater burst resistance strength to increase durability
  • Silicone anti-drain back valve to protect against dry starts
  • Bosch Distance Oil Filter is specially designed filter that is 99.9% efficient which means Bosch Distance Plus removes more dirt and contaminants, so you can drive the distance with Bosch Distance Plus. Bosch Distance Plus is designed to perform with any formulation of motor oil synthetic, semi-synthetic or conventional. You will have confidence in knowing that Distance Plus is protecting your engine no matter what type of oil you use and is the ultra-premium leader in engine performance protection

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