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Brake Rotor, DB2/DB3 w/LD20, Solid, Front & Rear

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Part Number: 60-3545-29
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Brand: Campbell Motorsport

If you spend too much time trying to bed your brake pads, consider replacing your worn, grooved rotors! Our brake rotors are brand-new castings made in the USA exclusively for racing use. They are not repackaged street car rotors. Sold individually.

This size fits the front and rear of Swift DB-2 (S2) and DB-3 (FC) with LD20 calipers. Note that some DB-3 cars were fitted with smaller calipers and should use the slightly smaller Brake Rotor for Swift DB-3 with LD19 Calipers (Part No.60- 3545-10).

ODHeightThicknessIDBolt Pattern
10.0"1.63"0.38"3"(4) 3/8" on 3.75" circle

*Height is measured from the inner friction surface to the outer face of the hat. Place the rotor down on a table and measure from the table surface to the highest point on the hat.

This rotor can also replace AP/Lockheed disc number CP2222-10.

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