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Brake Rotor, DB4/RT4, Directionally Vented, Grooved- choose side

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If you spend too much time trying to bed your brake pads, consider replacing your worn, grooved rotors! Our brake rotors are brand-new castings made in the USA exclusively for racing use. They are not repackaged street car rotors. Sold individually. This rotor is the same as our 3545-25 except the friction surfaces are grooved.

This size fits Swift DB4 and Ralt RT-4 Formula Atlantic.

ODThicknessBolt Pattern
10.50"0.81"(6) 1/4" on 5.5" circle

The internal vents in these rotors are curved to draw air from the center of the rotor to the outside. They are not intended to scoop air in from the outside to the center.

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