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FF1600 JAE Flywheel with 110 Tooth Ring Gear

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Part Number: 30-163-01-JAE
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This flywheel is legal for Formula Ford 1600 per SCCA FCS 9.1.1.B.12.l.4. It is fully prepared to accept a 6-bolt 7.25" racing clutch (such as the Tilton OT2). It is also drilled to accept an 8-bolt 5.5" racing clutch (such as the Tilton OT3), but this size clutch will require modification of the friction surface.

Weight of 16 pounds 7 ounces (15 ounces over current SCCA 15 pound 8 ounce minimum) allows for balancing and future resurfacing of the friction surface without going underweight. A hole is provided for a flywheel-to-crankshaft locating dowel.

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