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GKN CV boot 94 mm aero boot

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GKN CV boot 94 mm aero boot-Fits lobro 94mm lobro joint, with 78mm bolt diameter-allows 6 degrees of travel

The GKN Aerodynamic CV Joint Boots feature a smooth contoured, aerodynamic rubber boot for reduced drag and quick turns.

The Aerodynamic CV Boot range are available in a range dimensions and specifications, which have been developed to match the GKN CV Joint range. The Boots are manufactured from a coated steel and heavy duty rubber combination, ensuring the items are excellent quality and durable for a range of motorsport and competition applications.

Tripod Boots & Greases

The tripod grease is optimised for tripod lubrication. It has high scuffing resistance but does not contain any solid additives (which can reduce life by jamming the needle bearings).

The GKN MotorSport ball joint grease with its ultra high load carrying capacity and optimised viscosity is suitable for all fixed and plunging CV joints.

Advantages of greases especially developed for use with GKN CV and tripod joints:

  • help reduce power losses
  • increase durability
  • offering low friction and wear properties
  • wide thermal operating range

The correct type and size of boot is a vital part of the driveline assembly. GKN MotorSport boots are maximised for performance and durability. .

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