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Gear Change Tool for LD200 Gearbox

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Gear Change Tool for LD200 Gearbox

Don't mess around with mallet handles or wooden dowels! Using the proper tool will make it much easier to assemble the gear stack onto the pinion shaft on Hewland LD200 gearboxes. This all-metal tool supports and aligns the gear stack during reassembly.

A small-diameter pilot on this tool fits into the end of the pinion shaft, and a key along the length of the tool keeps the splines of the gear stack aligned. No more trying to rotate each hub in the stack to get the splines lined up. Replaces Hewland "dummy shaft" tool #SK704-B or SK810-B. Made in USA of high-strength aluminum with a steel pilot and steel key insert. 11.5" long body (12.75" long overall including pilot).

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