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Hawk Brake Pads, FF, Lockheed LD19 (CP2195, PD26/11)

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Fits Lockheed LD19 calipers as commonly found on Formula Ford 1600 cars (AP CP2505 and CP3696). Also fits MSE Gem and Wilwood WLD-19 calipers. FMSI D64.

Ferro-Carbon is a unique, high-tech family of friction materials developed and manufactured by Hawk Brake for the racing community. Hawk Pads do not require an extensive "bedding-in" procedure. Keep in mind however, that all disc brake pads require a short period of bedding-in before being used to the maximum of their potential.

Blue Compound (E): (Also known as "Blue 9012") Medium/High torque brake compound. A reliable performer with a wide temperature range. Low pad and rotor wear rate with good brake modulation characteristics. #1 selling pad material for SCCA racing. Recommended for Road Racing and Rally applications where low to mid temperature effectiveness is critical. Recommended for Formula Ford.  

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