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Hewland 16/35-1/4 1st Gear Set, (4-speed) 2.187

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Part Number: Mk8,9-15361st-2
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Hewland High-Strength Gear Set, 1st (4-speed) 2.187  16/35 1st

Fixed First Gearsets: Using very low first gear ratios in a standing start application (Autocross/Solo II) can break slide-on gearsets, even with an FF1600 engine. These cars should use "fixed first" gearsets (noted below as 1/4 or 1/5) whenever possible. These gearsets have the first gear cut directly into the layshaft itself for improved strength. Five-speed applications using a fixed first gear also need to use a special 2nd gear (noted below as 2/5). Four-speed applications always use standard gearsets for 2nd through 4th.

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