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Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter

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Part Number: 72-1069
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These adapters have male AN fittings on each end and a female 1/8 NPT port on the side. Use them to mount a Direct Mounted Fuel Pressure Gauge (Part No.72- 1039 and 721063) or our fuel sampling port (Part No.72- 2542) in a braided stainless -6 or -8 fuel line. The 10AN version is perfect for adding a pressure sender in a -10 oil hose.

Now available in a convenient male-to-female version! Part No.72- 1069-06mf for 6AN, 1069-08mf for 8AN, or 72-106910mf for 10AN. If you already have one hose end in your fuel line, simply install the male-to-female adapter in line. No need to cut the hose or install more hose ends.

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