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Lockheed 2.00 caliper seal

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Part Number: 60-CP4900-160
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Keep your AP Racing / Lockheed calipers working properly by rebuilding with these genuine AP Racing piston seals!

We offer the piston (fluid) seals separately for all common piston diameters used in AP Racing/Lockheed calipers. These seals are manufactured specifically for racing use. Sold individually.

Note 1: These seals are for AP/Lockheed seal-in-bore calipers only. They do not fit AP Racing seal-on-piston calipers or any other brand of calipers. Brakes are a critical safety component. We strongly recommend against trying to use these seals in other brands of calipers, even if the nominal piston size is the same. The results of brake system failure can have devastating effects!

Note 2: These seals get compressed to size when they are installed in the caliper bore. This is required for a tight seal. They will be slightly oversize (up to about 0.10" larger than the nominal size) when they are loose. They will not fit tight against the piston until they are installed in the caliper bore.

AP/Lockheed Seal ID
Bore Size Identifying Stripes AP Part No. Notes
1.25 3 Red Stripes CP4900-168 Bore E
1.37 1 Red Stripes CP4900-166 Bore G
1.50 2 Red Stripes CP4900-164 Bore J
1.62 1 Red Stripes CP4900-163 Bore K / LD19
1.75 3 Red Stripes CP4900-162 Bore L / LD20
2.00 1 Red Stripes CP4900-160 Bore N
36mm 3 Red Stripes CP4900-165 Bore H / LD65

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