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Loctite 37421 - Loctite Threadlocker 271 Heavy Duty

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Part Number: lct-37421
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Manufacturer's Part Number: 37421
Volume: 6 ml
Quantity: Sold individually.

Loctite Threadlocker 271 is a high-strength, red threadlocker for heavy-duty applications. It is especially well suited for permanently locking studs and press-fit items. Threadlocker 271 adds 3,000 psi holding power to slip and press-fit assemblies. It can be used to replace setscrews and snap rings, protecting parts against loosening from vibration. Threadlocker 271 is removable with heat and hand tools, and well suited for fasteners up to 1 in. (25mm) in size. Suggested applications include frame brackets, suspension fasteners, shock absorber mounts, and wheel studs.

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