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Loctite 38725 - Loctite Thread Treatment Sticks

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Your Price: $83.99
Part Number: lct-38725
Availability: In Stock.
Manufacturer's Part Number: 38725
Volume: 19 g
Quantity: Sold as a set of 5.

Loctite, the original inventor of anaerobic technology, now offers the same trusted performance as their liquid counterparts in five semi-solid formulas to meet all of your threadlocking, thread sealing, gasketing, retaining, and anti-seize needs. Loctite thread treatment sticks are neat, convenient, and portable, making them perfect for tough applications, especially overhead. Their patented semi-solid formula also means that they won't spill or leak.

Sets include one of each:

* Loctite blue threadlocker stick
* Loctite PST thread sealant stick
* Loctite copper anti-seize stick
* Loctite silver anti-seize stick
* Loctite red threadlocker stick

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