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Nadella Combination Needle Bearings

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Nadella bearings are used in many racecar applications because of their small size, low weight, and high load capacity. The "combination" design features needle rollers arranged axially around the bore for rotation, plus another set of needle rollers arranged radially at one end for thrust. A common use for this style is in rocker pivots on cars with inboard suspension. Two bearings are typically pressed into the rocker from either side, with the radial bearings facing outwards.

Nadella bearings require lubrication before use. A high-quality lithium-based, EP, or synthetic bearing grease is recommended when these bearings are used as suspension pivots. Higher rotational speeds with lower load (such as

Nadella Combined Bearing Dimensions
Bore Size
(Axial Bearing ID)
Housing OD
(Around Axial Bearings)
Radial Bearings IDRadial Bearings ODHousing OD
at Base
Dynamic Radial Capacity* Dynamic Axial Capacity*
12mm 18mm15mm22.6mm27.5mm2473 lb 562 lb
14mm 20mm17mm24.6mm29.5mm2810 lb 652 lb
15mm 21mm19mm26.6mm31.5mm3147 lb 697 lb
18mm 24mm21mm28.6mm33.5mm3597 lb 1304 lb
20mm 26mm22mm31.6mm36.5mm4047 lb 1439 lb
25mm 33mm30mm39.6mm45.5mm4946 lb 2360 lb

 supporting rotating shafts inside machines) may require oil lubrication.

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