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New Van Diemen Rolling chassis

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Your Price: $21,500.00
Part Number: RF06
Availability: car in picture is not actual car

Brand new Van Diemen Rolling chassis: assembled and ready to go-   2006 Van Diemen chassis identification plate and homologation papers- frame has been sitting in storage and is brand new

Included in Package:

New Van Diemen frame with stainless steel Floor glued with Hysol Loctite 2 part glue and aircraft countersunk rivets

New engine bay subframe with stainless steel floor and new Left and Right side frames 

all new engine bay studs top and bottom

New OEM bodywork in white or black

New Black suspension with aurora rod ends and bearings

Radial Mount cast uprights with performance friction calipers, Drilled rotors and PFC pads

New A.T.L. Fuel cell

all new parts through out car to make it a complete rolling chassis

new hollow driveshafts with aluminum tripod housings and GKN tripod joints

Used LD200 gearbox in a useable condition that is ready to use

used magnesium bellhousing with no repairs

like new Dynamic triple adjustable shocks

OZ racing wheels either F2000 or F1600 spec

steel bellcranks

SPA fire systems mechanical

new upper and lower motor mounts

Aero strait racing mirrors or SPA racing mirrors

updated steering column mount

MoMo steering wheel with SPA quick disconnect

New aluminum radiators and water pipes and swirl pot

new steering rack assy with apex steering joint

elan refurbished diffuser,

RFR front wing assy and aluminum rear wing assy

Add to price of rolling chassis the following available engines

 Kent  1600   $7000       Zetec package   $9500

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