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OMP Formula 2x2 FIA SL Harness, Sewn Loop, Pull Up, black

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Part Number: OMP-DA0206-HSL-black
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This Super Light 6 point camlock harness from OMP is designed specifically for formula car or sport racer drivers using a HANS® Device. Special lightweight adjusters are used to keep weight to a minimum. Even the buckle tabs have been lightened.

The 2" lap belt has pull-up adjusters on both sides and D-rings for the sub straps. The shoulder belts are 2" wide along the entire length for better alignment with a HANS Device. The rotary camlock buckle features a special heavy detent to prevent accidental buckle release.

The shoulder belts have a sewn loop at the end for cross-bolt mounting. The lap belts have lightened 8mm (5/16") bolt-in end plates sewn in. The anti-sub belts have the same bolt-in end plates installed with 3-bar sliders for easy conversion to wrap-around mount. Available in Black or Red. FIA 8853-2016 homologated.

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