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PFC Brake Pads F1600- ld19 11 compound

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Performance friction Brake pads for the very popular LD 19 brake caliper which are used on most Ff1600 cars and some F-2000

This pad fits both steel and aluminum versions of the Ap ld19 caliper

PFC only supplies this pad in the 11 compound which is a very reliable compound not quite as aggressive as the 13

Fits Lockheed LD19 calipers as commonly found on Formula Ford 1600 cars (AP CP2505 and CP3696).

11 Compound improves on both the bite and the release of the popular 01 compound. The very high, very flat torque curve allows easy pedal modulation with a fast, smooth release. Torque rises very little with temperature, which makes these pads very predictable. Easy on rotors and long-wearing. The 11 compound has even less tendency to lock at the end of a stop. Its controlability makes it ideal in tricky low-grip situations (low downforce, hard spec tires, greasy track surface).

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