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PRP 19 row M22 x 1.5 oil cooler with removalble fittings

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PRIMUS RACING PARTS  oil cooler line-  these coolers are guaranteed and tested in the most extreme conditions

  The brazed aluminum construction provides the maximum cooling capacity in the smallest possible space, with minimal pressure drop. Coolers are pressure tested to 10 bar (145 psi) to ensure quality. The black epoxy finish protects against corrosion and looks great. The unique convertible inlet fittings (sold separately) allow you to change your plumbing without having to replace the cooler.

The coolers measure 13" long (11 1/8" not including mounting tabs) x 1 7/8" thick. The female M22x1.5 ports are 9 9/16" center-to-center. The 19 row size measures 5 3/4" tall (not including the hex on the port fittings). 

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