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Pertronix FlameThrower High Performance Distributor for 1.6L

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Never change points again! This electronic (breakerless) distributor is designed for use in Formula Ford 1600 ("Kent/Cortina") engines. It is legal for SCCA Formula Ford 1600 per FCS 9.1.1.B.12.r.

All electronics are contained in the distributor housing (no black box required). The low-profile aluminum housing gives more clearance under the intake manifold than some other brands, so it can be used on Kent-based Lotus and Cosworth twincam engines or crossflow engines with DCOE carburetors. The internals use the proven Pertronix Ignitor II breakerless ignition system for excellent reliability. Includes a side-entry distributor cap for even more room under the manifold. Mechanical advance only (starts at 600 RPM, 24 degrees at 3050 RPM); no vacuum advance provision. Includes distributor drive gear.

The petronix Flame thrower coil (Part No. 1315-201, sold separately) is highly recommended with this distributor. The Ignitor II produces so much energy, it will shorten the life of a standard coil.  

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