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Quick Release Positive Locking Pins (Pip Pins), Ring Handle

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These quick-release pins are manufactured to Mil Specs and National Aerospace Standards (MS17987-S / NASM 17987-S). The shank is 4130 alloy steel, heat treated and cadmium plated for 180,000 psi tensile strength. These pins have two stainless steel locking balls that securely hold the pin in place until the release button is depressed. Cheaper quick-release pins use simple spring-loaded lock balls, which can be pushed back into the shank at any time. That can allow the cheaper pins to fall out in normal use.

The small-diameter round head is perfect for installations where the pin fits into a recess, as in fiberglass bodywork. A stainless steel bail-type ring handle (max. 1 1/8" wide) allows you to tether the pin so it won't get lost. The blue anodized aluminum release button is located in the center of the head.

Shear strength rating when mounted in double shear:
1/4" dia = 8200 lbs
5/16" dia = 12,800 lbs
3/8" dia = 18,400 lbs

The Length refers to the grip length (the distance from the shoulder to the locking balls).

Note: The locking balls are very low-profile and require a close-fitting hole diameter. We recommend using a matching AN960 Flat Washer (Part No. AN960, sold separately) on the ball side to ensure a precision hole size. If the hole is worn or chamfered, the locking balls could pull through.

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