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Replacement Solenoid,heavy Duty Original Tilton Super Starter

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Your Price: $84.99
Part Number: 30-TE 54-422HD
Availability: In Stock.

Brand: Tilton Engineering

This replacement solenoid fits most Standard-Duty Tilton Super Starters made prior to 2013. Includes spring and plunger.

If your starter is acting up (or not doing anything at all), a new solenoid might bring it back to life!

This heavy-duty solenoid fits all Tilton Super Starters including the original 10000 Series (pre-2013 standard duty

"Severe Duty" and 40000-Series Super Starters (made after 2013) require the Replacement solenoid for severe duty super starters (Part No.30-TE 54SD-022).

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