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Saddle Washers for Shift Linkage Joints, #10 Bolt

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Standard flat washers do not present a proper bearing surface when used to bolt tubing joints. This can result in damage to the washer or to the tubing, which eventually allows the bolt to loosen. The result is excessive free play, vague shifter feel, and missed shifts. Our plated steel saddle washers are profiled to be a precise fit on the OD of Apex and Borgeson shift linkage joints, but they can be used on any bolted tube assembly with the same outside diameter. All sizes accept a #10 bolt (0.190") with a 1/2" OD to support standard AN960-10 washers. Each washer adds 0.093" to the required grip length. Sold individually.

Saddle Washer Applications
Shifter Joint Joint OD Total Height with
Two Saddle Washers
Cross Bolt
Saddle Washer
Part No.
Apex 3/8" Bore 1/2" 0.686" AN3-10A3077-002-500
Apex 1/2" Bore 5/8" 0.811" AN3-11A3077-002-625
Apex 5/8" Bore
Borgeson 3/4" OD*
3/4"0.936" AN3-12A3077-002-750
Apex 3/4" Bore 7/8" 1.061" AN3-13A3077-002-875
Suggested locknut for cross bolt: AN365-3

* Borgeson 3/4" OD shifter joints are no longer made.

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