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Smart Camber Kit, Digital Gauge & Camber Frame

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The Smart Camber Kit gives you an accurate digital camber readout instantly, with no interpretation or guesswork. Just zero the gauge and place the lightweight aluminum frame against any wheel from 5" to 22" diameter.

The Smart Camber Kit consists of the compact Smart Level Digital Angle Gauge (Part No. 3760) installed in the Smart camber Frame (Part No.50- 3761). The Smart Level tool provides a direct digital readout of any angle with up to 0.1 degree of repeatable accuracy. The LCD readout is easy to read in bright sunlight and can show degrees, slope, or pitch. The Smart Level is also useful for wing angles, chassis rake, fabrication, tube bending and countless other uses.

Add on the optional Hands free attachment (Part No.50- 3763, sold separately) to make caster measurements effortless too!

Camber measuring assembly (digital gauge and camber frame only). Caster attachment sold separately.

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