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Spec Racer Ford Aurora rod ends

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            SIZE                                    PART # GOOD QUALITY         PART # MEDIUM QUALITY                  PART# BEST QUALITY          QUANTITY FOR CAR
A) 7/16 x 7/16 ROD END             AM7-T                                         RAM7-T                                                    PRXM-7T                                              8          

B)  5/8 x 5/8  RH ROD END         AM10-T                                      RAM10-T                                                  PRXM-10T                                             2

C)  5/8 x 5/8   RH Rod end             AM-10T                                     RAM-10T                                                  RXM-10T                                               2

E)  7/16 x 7/16 rh rod end rack      VCAM-7                                     AM-7T                                                      PRAM-7T                                              2

F)  7/16 x  7/16 LH rod end            AB-7T                                        RAB-7T                                                    PRAB-7T                                               2

G) 5/16 x  5/16 RH rod end           VCM-7t                                       AM- 5T                                                     PRAM-5T                                              4

H) 5/16 x 5/16  LH rod end           VCAB-5                                      AB-5T                                                       PRAB-5T                                               4

Front lower arm   front leg       A

Front lower arm  rear leg         A

Outboard rod end                     B

outboard rod end                      c

Front toe Link ends                  D

Front toe link  ends                   E

front sway bar link                   G

front swy bar link                     H

Rear lower arms                       A

Rear toe links                           D

rear toe links                             F

Rear sway bar links                  G

Rear sway bar links                  H

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