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Special BSP Hose Ends with Flat Sealing Surface, Size 3 Hose

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These special hose ends have a flat sealing surface on the BSP end that matches most Raceparts and Smiths pressure gauges. They will not seal on a standard 1/8 BSP male fitting with a concave sealing surface. We also offer 1/8 BSP hose ends with the standard convex sealing surface (Part No. 3263) for use with standard BSP male fittings.

These hose ends are designed to work with our 3AN PTFE Lined Stainless Braided Hose (Part No. 60-FC-3T , sold separately). They are easily installed in the field without any special tooling required. These fittings are reusable, although the brass inner sleeve must be replaced each time a fitting is reused. One sleeve is included with each hose end. We also offer the Spare 3AN Brass olives separately, Part No.60-699030.


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