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System 1- 75 MICRON BILLET INLINE OIL FILTERS -2? Diameter X 9.00 Long

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These 75 Micron Inline Oil filters are designed for the rigors of 50, 60, or 70 wt. Racing Motor Oils for T/F, F/C, TAD, TA/FC, Pro Mods and Nostalgia Drag Racing applications. This element must be serviced after each run. Using the Filter Element as an Inspection tool, it will tell you exactly what’s going on inside your motor. If you are having a bearing or Internal problem, it will show up on the outside surface area of the filter and allows you to fix the problem before it becomes a major problem. Used by most Touring Professionals, these filters will work on Dry Sump or Wet Sump Pump applications. For Dry Sump Applications, we recommend this filter to be placed between the Oil Pump and the Dry Sump Tank to keep the Dry Sump Tank clean. Available in Red or Black Anodize. Add B to the end of part number for Black Anodize. Comes standard with Buna O-Rings for Alcohol or Gasoline applications. Add -1 to the end of the part number for Viton O-Rings for Nitro Fueled applications. Contact System 1 for technical help with O-Ring selection.

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