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Temperature Indicating brake paint- 1 ounce Brush -in-cap jar

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This temperature-signaling lacquer permanently changes colors after 5 minutes of continuous exposure to various temperatures. Other brands require different paints for various temperature levels, but this single paint changes color at different temperatures. Just paint on one test spot and wait for the color change.

Six distinct color changes signal the following temperatures:
Below 299° C (571° F)
300° C (572° F)
351° C (663° F)
431° C (807° F)
526° C (980° F)
Over 671° C (1240° F).

Applicator brush in cap means less mess and clean-up. 1 fluid ounce plastic jar has a color code chart printed right on the label.

Note: This paint has a high solids content in order to dry quickly when applied. The solids can settle out of the solution after sitting for long periods. If this happens, simply re-mix the paint, adding a small amount of lacquer thinner if necessary.

Note: Due to import restrictions, we are not able to ship this product to Mexico.

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