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Tilton 800 HRB Piston, Press Fit Outer, 0.850", 0.5" Stroke

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Part Number: 62-688
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Brand: Tilton Engineering

The Tilton Press-Fit Outer Race piston design holds the outer race of the contact bearing, allowing the inner race to rotate. The piston should be warmed in an oven while chilling the bearing to relax the press fit for installation.

This special low-profile piston is designed to fit a specially-prepared 800-series Tilton hydraulic release bearing base (Tilton 62-808). It has only 0.500" total stroke instead of the standard 0.700" stroke, but a clutch pedal stop should still be used to prevent overtravel. 0.850" (21.6mm) total height (0.835" engagement) provides 1.44" setup height. This is the same piston supplied in our Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing for Van Diemen Formula Ford (Part No. 163-53). Contact bearing not included.

This piston does not work with press-fit bearings held by the inner race (such as our 52mm Radius-Face Bearing, Part No. 163-60). It is designed to accept the Tilton 38mm Contact Diameter Bearing (Part No. TE 62-008) or the Tilton 44mm Contact Diameter Bearing (Part No. TE 62-031), each sold separately.

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