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Tilton Clutch disc 7.25" 1 x 23 F2000 and F1600

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used on many of the F2000 and F1600 cars Tilton clutch disc 7.25"

This single disc fits Tilton OT-II, AP F3, and Quarter Master 7 1/4" Racing Clutches. The 1" x 23 spline is normally used on Ford 2.0L applications, but it has also been found in cars converted from FC to FF1600 such as Swift DB-6 and Van Diemen. Not interchangeable with the 1x23 45 degree "Mopar" spline size. Sintered metallic friction material is for racing use only.  

Tilton's minimum recommended clutch disc thickness is 0.074" in single-disc clutches or 0.089" on dual disc clutches. New clutch discs measure 0.104" thick.

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