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Tilton Super Starter - FF1600 / S2000 / FF2000

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The Tilton Super Starter is the closest thing to bullet proof that you can get. This gear reduction starter has a positive solenoid-engaged pinion instead of an unreliable inertia drive. The three-bolt mounting flange is a machined aluminum billet, not a fragile casting. It delivers greater torque and higher cranking speed and draws less current than the original Lucas starter!

This starter is designed to fit most Formula Ford 1600 and Pinto-engined S2000/FC using the Mk 8 or Mk 9 gearbox with the standard 2 1/8" gearbox adapter plate and 110 tooth ring gear. The housing can be clocked to three different positions on the mounting flange so the starter can clear obstructions. This allows its use on most chassis that originally used the Lucas starter. Weighs approximately 11 pounds.

Note: This starter will not fit most chassis with the oil tank between the engine and transmission. This includes '90 and up Van Diemen, Reynard, and Swift (among others).

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