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Van Diemen 2018

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Van diemen 2018 new frame ,and body

includes PI c-dash,  OZ wheels, New Ohlins shocks or Penske Triples, nice bellhousing and nice Ld200 gearbox.  Also has aluminum Radial mount AP calipers

new aluminum radiators

car also will be fitted with new OZ centerlock wheels

also includes exhaust system for either 1600, Zetec, or pinto powered engine

includes 2" taller roll hoop or standard roll hoop

can be delivered for additional $1500.00 in continental united states 

Wide track suspension
new frame 
New floor
New subframe
New hoop
New sideframes
Black gel coat
Fibreglass nose 
Ohlins or Penske shocks available 
Brand new side pod floors
New head surround 
New wheels
New suspension and rod ends
New diffuser
New updated wings

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