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Van Diemen Front lower wishbone RH wt- 01-up

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Part Number: 99C0004/m
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Van Diemen Front lower wishbone RH- this is the latest generation of Van Diemen suspension frequently called widetrack. Designed in 2001 it added 1.5" of track width on each side of the car. It instantly gave the car more stability which usually equates to quicker lap times by a half of second. The suspension arm includes the pressed bearing on the inboard leg and also includes 44" of -3 brake line with a strait and banjo end . Parts not included in price but also available on site are rxam5t rod end and pwb-10t spherical bearing. To hold outboard bearing in place is the 95C0020 bearing retainer. The suspension arm is made of durable steel tube construction but designed to crumble on impact so as to not damage pick up points on car and also to absorb the impact of a high speed crash. The wishbone is also available in black or grey coating.

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